Industrial Exhaust Fans

Qingzhou Hengyuan Temperature-Controlled Equipment Co. Ltd. is a genuine Industrial Exhaust Fans Manufacturer; having an illustrious name in this industry. We are manufacturing modern Industrial exhaust fans; capable of providing relevant services in demanding spaces. We have a vast experience in designing and manufacturing multipurpose Exhaust fans; having long lasting durability and reliability.

Exhaust Fans For Effective Ventilation:

Qingzhou Hengyuan has an amazing experience for designing and manufacturing industrial exhaust fans that are installed in fundamental premises where proper ventilation is required. Our exhaust fans are fixed on the inner side wall and eliminate the exterior side frame and shutter necessity and contain interminable lubricated motor with its provisions for straight wiring. We focus of flexible shutters as the fans control the exposure to air flow and prevent outer air entry and avoid interruption. Even, the fan blades are made by using different metals, but aluminum blades are considered ideal and thus enclose in steel wire protector; making the effective ventilation. Thus, we guarantee the safety shutters which are quite supportive for easy and secure operating purposes.

Qingzhou Hengyuan Equipment Co. has a consistent name in Industrial exhaust fans manufacturer. Our industrial ventilation equipment and fans are designed to provide ideal services where they are installed. Our variety types of industrial fans are found productive in numerous parameters such as centrifugal fans, axial fans, ventilation fans for roofs and walls, high pressure fans and fume-hood exhaust fans, etc.

Features of Exhaust Fans:

Qingzhou Hengyuan has a prominent name in manufacturing Industrial exhaust fans that are designed to provide services in different industrial sectors. Here are certain features that make the fans ideal for installing in specific requirements:

  • Quiet and smooth in operations.
  • Built-in automatic thermal excess protection.
  • Smooth spinning for maximize air flow dynamics.
  • Absolute long life aluminum blades for high performance.
  • Highly competent, easy to clean, balanced for soft operations.
  • Cost efficient heavy duty ventilation with durability and longevity.


Types of Exhaust Fans:

1. High grade push-pull type exhaust fan
2. High grade heavy hammer type exhaust fan
3. Common exhaust fan (Double shutter exhaust fan)
4. FRP cone fan
5. Cow house hanging exhaust fan
6. Cone Fan
– Cone Fan with Shutter
– Butterfly type Cone Fan

Below are the detailed descriptions of the products each product is separated with the heading in Red, while Cone Fan with Shutter and Butterfly type Cone Fan sub products of Cone Fan.

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